Ducks and waterfowl are starving to death due to frigid temperatures

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: In parts of Canada and the United States, starving and sick ducks and waterfowl means wildlife rescues are at capacity caring for birds in need, impacted by the frigid cold. Allison Vuchnich reports.

TORONTO – The record-breaking bitter cold weather has been treacherous and deadly for ducks and waterfowl this winter.

“A lot of birds are starving to death right now,” said Chantal Theijn, who runs Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge, in southwestern Ontario.

Hobbitstee and other wildlife rehabilitation centres are caring for waterfowl that are injured, emaciated and dehydrated.

The problem is waterfowl need open water, and with ice still covering more than 83 per cent of the Great Lakes, as well as smaller bodies of water, open water is tough to find.

“Where they normally land there is now ice, so they are flying around not knowing what to do,” Theijn told Global News, “eventually they…

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